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Discover the Impact of Chest Congestion on COPD Patients

Understanding COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a long-term lung condition that can make breathing difficult. It includes illnesses...

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Managing Oxygen Therapy in the Summer Heat

Summer is officially here, bringing longer days, sunshine and warm weather. For those using oxygen therapy, the heat can present unique challenges. Here...

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Why OxyHome is the Best Choice for Your Home Oxygen Therapy Needs

Choosing OxyHome for Your Home Oxygen Therapy Needs 

For individuals requiring respiratory support, choosing the right oxygen concentrator is crucial....

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Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Flow

Pulse dose and continuous flow are two methods of oxygen delivery used to provide supplemental oxygen to individuals with respiratory conditions. Each...

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Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for OxyGo POCs

"April showers bring May flowers" inspires us to embrace the tradition of spring cleaning. For those using oxygen therapy, ensuring your device is clean...

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Welcoming Spring with Oxygen Therapy

For those on oxygen therapy, spring represents more than just a change in weather — it's an opportunity to get outdoors and embrace the health benefits of...

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Understanding the Need for Supplemental Oxygen: A Guide to Recognizing Signs

For people living with respiratory conditions, recognizing the need for supplemental oxygen is crucial for maintaining overall health and preventing...

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Essential Tips for Oxygen Safety in Your Home

Home oxygen therapy is an effective way to treat many chronic respiratory conditions like COPD, long-term asthma, cystic fibrosis and more. If you’ve been...

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Exercising with your POC

The OxyGo Family of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are designed to keep oxygen patients, like you, going! Making the switch to a portable oxygen...

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POCs and Exercise: A Winning Combination

Exercise plays a key role in helping oxygen patients live longer and enjoy life more.

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