An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

To our OxyGo Community:

Breath, health and perseverance is the heart of what we do at OxyGo. Our mission is to keep providers and their patients going in the face of a life altering oxygen diagnosis. Now, as COVID-19 has entered North America, we at OxyGo are prepared to help our providers serve and protect the most vulnerable to this respiratory disease.

The situation is evolving rapidly, and we update our processes to meet the best standards as they develop. Here are some things we at OxyGo are doing currently to ensure your business and patients remain healthy:

  • All OxyGo locations will remain open to manufacture, ship and service product at this time.
  • We have increased production and can ship OxyGo product same day.
  • All OxyGo units are cleaned and disinfected prior to shipment, including warranty, non-warranty repairs and loaners.
  • Our OxyGo associates have always followed our internal good hygiene process, and we are following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and wellness for COVID-19.

On a personal note, many of you know that I have been working in respiratory since my father started this company nearly 30 years ago when I was a kid. I know many of you personally, have seen you and your families and companies grow and know of your passion for not only your business- but also your passion to give your patients the care they deserve. In a health care crisis, you are the front line. We are committed to getting you what you need, now more than ever.

Let's keep going, together.

Victoria Marquard-Schultz, Esq.

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