Oxygen EXPO2 is Big Hit in Orlando

DMEs from Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and across the country attended Oxygen EXPO2 in Orlando, FL on Jan 21st of this year.  The expo, subtitled The NEXT Tech in Ambulatory Oxygen, gave DME providers an opportunity to learn about the latest homecare oxygen trends and market opportunities.

“We are all about technology and innovation, so being able to host an event like this where we can share our knowledge and help contribute to the industry is a great opportunity,” said OxyGo CEO Victoria Marquard-Schultz.

The one-day conference covered topics such as the future of portable oxygen, oxygen safety, finding assets and revenues in a connected DME market, and leveraging social media to increase patient retail and referrals.  The keynote address was on advances in pulmonary medicine and was given by Franck Rahaghi, MD, MH, FCCP, Director of Respiratory Care at Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital and Clinic.

Dr. Rahaghi spoke about advances in pulmonary care and the importance of getting patients to move and exercise as part of their treatment referencing the American Lung Association’s famous slogan, “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” “POCs and their tankless delivery of oxygen are giving patients their freedom back,” he said, “while improving their quality of life and overall sense of happiness.”  He said that ambulation could increase the life expectancy of patients on oxygen by 20%.

Looking further into cutting edge patient care, Dr. Rahaghi discussed the ethical considerations of gene therapy and how CRISPR technology works.  CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes by finding a specific bit of DNA inside a cell. This discovery has strong implications for allowing DNA to be cut and modified.  Ultimately, the ability to edit DNA could help reduce incidents of lung disease and make COPD more responsive to treatment.

The conference included a panel discussion on industry issues.  Larry Dalton, company manager for Advanced Care Medical Equipment, Durant, OK talked about how OxyGo POCs were industry game changers by using Bluetooth for tracking data that could save recovery of 15-18 POC units per year just in his business alone.  He predicted that over the next five years providers would face less competition and would need to cover larger areas, making the use of Bluetooth and current oxygen tracking and service technologies all the more important to survive patient oxygen delivery challenges.

OxyGo’s Tom Simon talked about advances in technology with OxyGo’s new NEXT POC.  OxyGo NEXT allows healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes through a new wireless connectivity platform using Bluetooth technology.  The platform includes a provider dashboard and mobile application for patient use through mobile devices. Other features include a long battery life of up to 13 hours with the optional double battery, access to the My OxyGo App, a large LCD screen, and is one of the quietest POCs on the market at 38 dB.

If you want to experience the freedom that OxyGo NEXT can provide you with, whether it’s having a truly portable oxygen concentrator or an easily serviceable, low maintenance POC, you’ll get both with OxyGo NEXT.  To learn more, visit our website or contact your home health care provider.

For more information, email marketing@oxygo.life.

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