OxyGo Celebrates 5th Anniversary


Orlando, FL: OxyGo LLC, a leader in the portable oxygen concentrator market celebrated their 5th anniversary this past Friday.

In 2014 OxyGo launched its first portable oxygen concentrator, to meet the needs of today’s portable oxygen patients.  Five years later, OxyGo has three different units and has been rated the best POC for three years in a row by a Needham & Company report.

“Five years ago, we entered a highly competitive market, but we knew we had something very different and special to offer,” said Victoria Marquard-Schultz, OxyGo, CEO. “Since then we have continued to make it our mission to provide patients as well as providers with the very best POCs on the market.”.

OxyGo offers an original 5-setting concentrator, OxyGo FIT weighing only 2.8lbs, and OxyGo NEXT. The NEXT is the latest unit which came out this year and it is setting the standard for portable oxygen concentrators.  At only 4.7 pounds, and with 6 flow settings, the OxyGo NEXT offers the highest oxygen output per pound of weight of any portable oxygen concentrators currently on the market.  Other features include a long battery life of up to 13 hours with the optional double battery, access to the My OxyGo App, a large LCD screen, and is one of the quietest POCs on the market at 38 dB.

OxyGo hosted a brand anniversary party to honor and thank the dedicated employees and vendors who have helped make OxyGo the most requested POC on the market.

While already being the most requested POC by patients, OxyGo continues to look forward to the future.  The brand is continually listening to what patients want and how to be able to make their lives more active while receiving medical oxygen.

OxyGo is noted for providing high quality home healthcare oxygen products and has been rated as the industry’s best POC—ahead of all competitors the last two years in a row.


Please direct any questions or inquires to marketing@oxygo.life.

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