Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Flow

Pulse dose and continuous flow are two methods of oxygen delivery used to provide supplemental oxygen to individuals with respiratory conditions. Each method has its advantages and is chosen based on the patient's specific needs and condition. Here is a comparison of pulse dose and continuous flow oxygen delivery: 

Pulse Dose Oxygen Delivery (Demand Flow)

Pulse dose oxygen delivery, also known as demand flow, provides oxygen in short bursts or "pulses" each time the patient inhales. This method is highly efficient, as the concentrator detects the inhalation and promptly delivers a pulse of oxygen tailored to the timing of the breath.

This technology is suitable for individuals with fluctuating oxygen needs throughout the day. It is a key feature in portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), enabling them to conserve oxygen by supplying it solely on-demand — when the patient inhales.

Key Advantages of Pulse Dose:

  • Efficient oxygen use
  • Extended battery life
  • Enhanced portability and convenience

Continuous Flow Oxygen Delivery

In contrast, continuous flow oxygen delivery maintains a constant and steady stream of oxygen. The rate, typically measured in liters per minute (LPM), does not fluctuate with the patient's breathing patterns, ensuring a consistent supply of oxygen.

This method is essential for patients requiring a stable and unvarying amount of oxygen, particularly beneficial for those with low resting oxygen levels or those who need oxygen support during sleep.

Highlights of Continuous Flow:

  • Steady oxygen supply
  • Optimal for overnight use
  • Dependability

Additional Benefits Across Both Systems

Adjustable Flow Rates: Both systems allow for the adjustment of oxygen flow rates to better suit individual patient needs, enhancing both comfort and effectiveness.

Improved Quality of Life: Stabilizing oxygen levels significantly improves the quality of life for individuals with chronic respiratory diseases, enabling them to maintain a higher level of activity and mobility.

Our portable concentrators - OxyGo NEXT and OxyGo FIT, are pulse-dose. Our new stationary - OxyHome, is a continuous flow unit.

We provide OxyGo exclusively through authorized oxygen providers, ensuring patients receive the necessary one-on-one attention required for their treatment. We do not directly sell OxyGo or its accessories to patients for this reason. The choice between pulse dose and continuous flow should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider to ensure the oxygen therapy is tailored to meet specific needs and optimize respiratory care.

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