The OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The OxyGo is a new-generation pulse dose oxygen concentrator that weighs only 4.8 pounds and can operate on electricity, DC current, or the external attached battery. The OxyGo can be used as both a portable and stationary concentrator.  When in the home or a temporary location such as a doctor’s office, plugging the OxyGo into an electrical outlet will provide you with an endless supply of oxygen to meet your needs as well as charge the attached external battery. When traveling in a vehicle, simply plug the OxyGo into the DC outlet and the OxyGo will be powered by the vehicle’s electrical resources and will recharge or maintain a full charge on the attached external battery.

Before leaving home, check the battery strength. This is easily done by powering up the unit and looking at the display window. The left side of the window will show a battery outline representing the battery strength. A fully shaded battery means fully charged. Within about 15 seconds of turning the unit on, the exact percentage of battery charge will also appear in the display window.

To turn on the OxyGo, place the concentrator in the upright position with the display panel on top and press the large round on/off button on the far-right side for approximately 2 seconds. A single beep will sound as the unit is powering up. To turn the OxyGo off, press and hold that same on/off button until a beep is heard.

The oxygen flow settings are controlled by the + and – buttons in the center of the control panel. Those settings range from 1 to 5. Consult your physician if you feel it is necessary to change your flow. Your setting will not change when turning the concentrator on or off. Check the setting frequently to make sure it is at the proper setting.

If using the OxyGo as a stationary unit, you can attach as much as 25 feet of tubing, including nasal cannula, to the OxyGo. CAUTION: Oxygen tubing can become a tripping hazard. Be careful when walking to avoid tripping over the tubing.

Maintenance for the OxyGo requires just a few easy and simple steps. Located at the upper backside of the concentrator are two metal mesh filters. Pull these out, rinse well with tap water and dish soap to wash out any dust that has been collected. After rinsing, dry with a clean paper towel. Clean theses filters at least weekly. Re-insert the filters back into the machine. If you are not going to use the OxyGo for two or more weeks, remove the attached external battery. This will keep the battery from losing it charge when sitting idle. On occasion, gently wipe off the OxyGo with a clean lightly damp cloth.

Things to know:  

  • Oxygen is a drug. Use only at the flow setting prescribed by your doctor. Changing the setting from your prescription may be harmful to your health.
  • Oxygen is non-flammable, but it does support combustion. When wearing your oxygen, never come within 6 feet of an open flame (including cigarettes).
  • Millions of people have safety used oxygen without incident. Your home environment is not any more dangerous because of the oxygen concentrator.


  • How long will the battery last? A fully charged 8- cell battery will last 4 hours on setting 2 and 1.7 hours on setting 5. The 16-cell battery will last 8.5 hours on setting 2 and 3.3 hours on setting 5.
  • Is the OxyGo noisy? Not at all. At setting 2, it runs at 39 decibels, which is 50% quieter than the original OxyGo.
  • Will I need a power converter when I travel overseas? No. The OxyGo automatically converts the voltage; however, you will need to purchase a plug adapter to fit the country’s electrical wall outlets.
  • Can I take the OxyGo on a cruise? Yes. Just let the cruise line know that you are bringing the OxyGo portable oxygen concentrator and also confirm that their wall outlets are c compatible with American plugs.
  • When traveling away from home, always keep a copy of your oxygen prescription with you at all times.


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