OxyGo Announces Launch of OxyGo FIT Connect

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2019

OxyGo Announces Launch of OxyGo FIT Connect


Orlando, FL: OxyGo LLC, a leader in the portable oxygen concentrator market announced the launch of their new Bluetooth enabled POC today. 

OxyGo FIT Connect will allow healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes through a new wireless connectivity platform using Bluetooth technology.  The platform includes a provider dashboard and mobile application for patient use through mobile devices. 

The My OxyGo Provider Dashboard will work with the My OxyGo App to provide real-time monitoring that will aid in troubleshooting, concentrator health checks, preventative maintenance and geo-locating of patient’s POCs.  Both providers and patients will be able to check battery life, column life, oxygen purity and more with the touch of a button!

“We are proud to introduce the OxyGo FIT Connect to the provider market. The new Bluetooth enabled unit and patient app, in conjunction with a provider focused and designed back end will improve patient outcomes by allowing patients and providers to communicate in real-time about their POC,” says Victoria Marquard-Schultz, CEO of OxyGo.

“Patients on oxygen are always concerned about their next breath, and providers now will be able to ensure the patients are getting their required oxygen prescription... regardless of where in the world the patient is breathing. OxyGo’s mission is to Keep Going. And this is just another tool in our kit to keep ambulatory oxygen patients moving and HME’s providing the state-of-the-art care required in this competitive market.”

OxyGo is noted for providing high quality home healthcare oxygen products and has been rated as the industry’s best POC—ahead of all competitors the last two years in a row.


Please direct any questions or inquires to Laura Frederick, Marketing Coordinator at marketing@oxygo.life


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