The OxyGo Difference: Why OxyGo Doesn't Sell Direct to Patients

Here at OxyGo, we know that providing oxygen users with the best POCs on the market changes their lives for the better. And for us, that means that we don't sell our products directly to patients. How can that be? The short answer: It's all about the OxyGo difference.

“I think patients get the best care—the care they need—from providers. That’s why we connect patients that contact us with providers to get their OxyGo. We don’t sell direct to patients, for cash or otherwise.” says Victoria Marquard-Schultz, Managing Director of OxyGo, who is clearly passionate about providers and what they do for patients. "We focus on connecting patients to providers which in turn helps patients live better lives with OxyGo." This philosophy is ahead of the curve, as evidenced by trends cited in a recent HME article.

That's we are excited to unveil the OxyGo Concierge service to better connect patients with local providers. The OxyGo Concierge service a unique partnership that will help enable patients to live better lives with direct, accessible care, while increasing business opportunities for our providers. To learn more and make the most of this exclusive program, please call 440-249-0214.

Additionally, OxyGo has co-op marketing opportunities, patient financing options, and leasing options to help providers create business and cash flow in the competitive bidding environment. We believe that amazing customer service means doing what is best for both the patient and the provider. Want more proof? For the second year in a row, OxyGo POCs have been independently rated as the industry’s best—ahead of ALL competitors. Check out the independent report here to see why OxyGo is rated #1 again and again.

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