Say “Hello” to OxyGo FIT

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We at OxyGo® have an exciting new product that is going to take the portable POC market by storm.

Say hello to the new OxyGo FIT™; our newest, extremely lightweight portable 3 setting concentrator.

We named our newest POC the OxyGo FIT because it is going to “fit” into just about all of your oxygen patients’ lifestyles.

It weighs just 2.8 pounds and has 3 settings. Like our new 5 setting OxyGo, it delivers 210 ml of oxygen per setting. So your patients will be receiving 210 ml, 420 ml, and 630 ml of oxygen at settings 1, 2, and 3 respectively. And just like its big brother, the OxyGo FIT is well constructed and will operate for 2.7 hours on a setting of 2 using the standard battery. The OxyGo FIT does have an optional larger battery, which will power the OxyGo FIT for 5 hours and adds just 0.5 pounds, making the total POC weight only 3.3 lbs. Either battery can be changed in seconds. Most of your patients will be able to replace the battery themselves, thus eliminating in-service calls.

The same goes for the sieve beds. When the sieve beds need replacement, just move the retainer mechanism and pull the handle to slide the sieve beds out. Please note: No other company talks about replacing sieve beds because it can’t be done in the patient’s living room. You have to send the POC back to the manufacturer where it could take weeks and usually big dollars before that unit back is back in service again. Suddenly, you realize that paying for that inexpensive POC is not the bargain that you thought it was.

The OxyGo FIT has a reusable mesh filter that is easy to remove and clean. It also comes with A/C and D/C power cords so that your patients will have several options for powering or recharging. This means that they will never be without oxygen and you don’t get those service calls.

The OxyGo FIT comes with a high-end quality protective bag and shoulder strap. The carrying bag has a belt loop attached so the patient can, if desired, wear the OxyGo FIT on his or her waist.

The OxyGo FIT also comes with a 3-year warranty that includes 1 year on the battery and sieve beds. At a setting of 2, the OxyGo FIT runs at a quiet 40 decibels.

Visit us online at and check out our other fine products. They include the 5 setting OxyGo 4.8 lb. POC, the OxyStat handheld oxygen analyzer, the newly improved bi-directional OxySafe, which helps to prevent the spread of oxygen related fires, and our oxygen cylinder gas to gas or liquid to gas cylinder transfilling systems. I look forward to meeting you.


Bob McQuown, R.R.T. Manager of Clinical Resources
Applied Home Healthcare Equipment

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