Smaller, Lighter, Better: A Paradigm Shift Worth Noting

Bigger is not better when it comes to most home healthcare products. Medical device miniaturization is one of the cutting edge benefits home healthcare providers are able to offer their patients today on multiple fronts.

The design and miniaturization of medical devices has undergone a paradigm shift in cost and utility which has revolutionized the home healthcare consumer products you sell or should be selling. Driven by the semiconductor industry’s ability to reduce chip size and increase performance, miniaturization is significantly improving patient care.

As medical devices become smaller and more portable, consumers notice. The same technologies that drove the shrinkage of computers and phones have fueled a vast array of medical equipment development.

If you are in the business of selling home oxygen, I hope you have noticed our latest product, the OxyGo FIT™. It’s the lightest POC on the market and it makes your patients’ lives better. At the same it brings in big bucks for your bottom line. You will find more information on the OxyGo FIT throughout this website.

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Victoria Marquard-Schultz
Editor In Chief, Regulatory Director

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