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The OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The OxyGo is a new-generation pulse dose oxygen concentrator that weighs only 4.8 pounds and can operate on electricity, DC current, or the external...

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Dangers of Wearing an Oxygen Mask

There are many devices designed to deliver oxygen to patients. When used properly, each oxygen delivery device can be an effective tool to help improve a...

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POC Game Changer

How OxyGo® Is Transforming Lives For The Better

Big surprises often come in small packages that can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Read one...

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“OxyGo Day” Proclaimed by the City of Westlake, Ohio


Westlake Mayor Dennis M. Clough issued a proclamation marking it as “OxyGo® Day” in the city of Westlake....

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Smaller, Lighter, Better: A Paradigm Shift Worth Noting

Bigger is not better when it comes to most home healthcare products. Medical device miniaturization is one of the cutting edge benefits home healthcare...

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Say “Hello” to OxyGo FIT

What about bob

We at OxyGo® have an exciting new product that is going to take the portable POC market by storm.

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What About OxyGo? … A Home Healthcare Warrior's Take

Today, I want to talk about the OxyGo® Portable Concentrator, and tell you what I like about it and why it's different from other POCs. The OxyGo is a 4.8...

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